5 Key Ingredients for Your Kitchen Remodel

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Planning for your kitchen remodel can be a mixture of excitement and uncertainty. Oftentimes we feel overwhelmed with the amount of decision making that is involved, or have a lack of confidence in the concept and execution.

Whatever your situation may be - just as a cake baked with too many contrasting ingredients won't be very palatable - your kitchen design needs some direction and tips to create the most tasteful and functional environment. Read on to discover more.

1. The Triangle of Usability

Set the oven to preheat, then reach into the refrigerator and grab the tomatoes. Next, give them a thorough clean in the sink (of course, without skipping a lyric on your cooking playlist).

Successful kitchens are all about creating an environment that supports a loveable cooking experience, and the work triangle is the key ingredient. Creating a physical triangle between your oven, refrigerator and sink means that the three most heavily used appliances are easily accessible and make a comfortable, safe, and highly usable kitchen.

2. Maximize Space

Every inch of space you can create in your new kitchen will give you a mile of functionality. Space could already be a significant factor in your decision to remodel your kitchen; misshaped pots and pans can fill a cupboard annoyingly fast. So, throughout your whole design process, always consider how and where you can maximize space, what internal walls you can remove, and how to optimize countertop space.

3. Let There Be (Quality) Light

Kitchens serve as one of the most critical elements in a house, not just because they allow us to cook our meals but also because they're a central part of a house's appearance and feel.

Taking extra effort to plan the lighting in your kitchen means you can create an environment that is both highly functional when you're in your kitchen and an ambient aesthetic when you're not. Fittings like under cabinet lighting, recess lighting to illuminate the sink area, and pendant lighting above a kitchen island can create a diverse and well-rounded kitchen setting.

4. Consider a Kitchen Island

Kitchen islands tick many boxes in a successful kitchen, so we encourage everyone to consider an island in their kitchen remodels. They're functional, as the countertops can provide ample space for cooking and then transition into a dining or work table. They also encourage socialization and provide the opportunity to prepare a meal together, and create an open structure for your family or friends to gather around while you're cooking and even when you're not.

5. Call the Pros in Early

For demanding projects like a kitchen remodel, it's always best to seek professional guidance from kitchen remodeling contractors to ensure both your design and installation will work before you get too far in.

Once you gather your kitchen remodel ideas and have a general budget, you can seek design advice to understand the materials and layout that will help you meet your goals before you begin finding the right contractor.

Being a leading Bay area kitchen remodel contractors - we, at USA HOME REMODELING can help you with as much or as little as you desire, from design to installation, to ensure you end up with the kitchen of your dreams.