From Cluttered to Organized: Remodeling Your Kitchen with Clever Storage

You are not alone who feels frustrated when you navigate the cluttered pantry, and find out that each item you discover on a weekend is actually expired. It happens with many of us because the elusive ingredients we need for ‘weekend special dinners’ get buried deep in the back, beyond our reach.

Most of us are always in a rush, and finding time to declutter and reorganize seems like an impossible task. This is when we realize that many parts of our kitchen can become a graveyard for forgotten goods and it is high time we begin the research for a contractor of kitchen remodeling in San Diego.

If you are planning to tackle your long-neglected deep corner pantry, or plunging your hands into the frustrating corner cabinets, then take a deep breath. Instead of using a step stool to tackle the avalanche of half-empty bags and disorganized containers, brew a hot cup of Java and read this useful kitchen remodel guide.

Today we will discuss the ultimate solution of rummaging through the depths of a poorly planned pantry or corner cabinets. Let’s find efficient storage solutions that you can consider while taking kitchen remodeling services. Incorporate the ideas shared below to revolutionize your kitchen storage and organization capabilities.

San Diego kitchen remodel tips to solve the organization woes

Like many other homeowners if your kitchen looks like a chaos of clutter, then consider hiring a San Diego Kitchen Contractor and discuss the remodeling ideas shared here to own a place of organized bliss.

The lesser-known secret of utilizing the cabinet space

You invested in a room full of cabinets and still, your kitchen is a hot mess. The underlying reason is the inefficient use of the available space. One amazing idea is to ditch cabinets and opt for drawers. Drawers are better in terms of organization and utilization of vertical space.
Those who want to keep the cabinets can also consider pull-out shelves. These are definitely a better option to find out what’s lying in the back of a deep cabinet. While remodeling your kitchen, you can ask the contractor to use adjustable dividers. Such additions work best to utilize the vertical space in a kitchen cabinet as per your preferences.

Organization beyond traditional cabinets

Those who don’t like digging into cabinets can consider the installation of open shelves or hanging racks. These can be used to quickly access your frequently used cookware. Moreover, hanging racks are not just popular for the organization benefit, many homeowners are kitchen the traditional cabinets for open shelves for aesthetic reasons. Believe it or not, clutter tends to become a challenge when things are hidden behind cabinet doors. You are more likely to keep the shelves organized if they are wide open and everything is visible and within your arm’s reach.

Designate space with drawer dividers

No matter how often you arrange the drawers, they end up looking like a jumble of utensils and gadgets.
A simple solution to this problem is the installation of drawer dividers. Begin your kitchen remodel journey by defining designated spaces for different items. If there are too many cabinets, replace them with drawers and install dividers.
Installing drawers with dividers is absolutely worth it, you will always know where your measuring spoons, whisks, and spatulas are located.

Pantry remodeling

Organizing is next to impossible for pantry systems that are tucked in a corner. Hire aSan Diego Kitchen Remodeling contractor right away to get an easily accessible storage solution. Shift your pantry from the dark corner holes to another place where you can incorporate adjustable shelves and pull-out baskets.
For better organization of quickly expiring food items, consider planning specialized storage for canned goods, spices, and snacks.

Grocery shopping and meal planning become a breeze, when you decide to remove the corner pantry in an L-shaped kitchen. The area is taking up valuable space from the room. Ideally, you should go with a double door cabinet style pantry where each item is perfectly arranged on a mix of shelves and drawer systems.

Clever appliance storage

Too many appliances cluttered in a corner of the kitchen counter can be an eyesore. It can be the ultimate motivation to hire remodeling contractors who provide innovative solutions like appliance garages or lift-up cabinets to keep the countertops clear. These storage solutions are great for making appliances easily accessible.

Appliance garages are truly worth the investment in remodeling projects. These are simply cabinets with retractable doors that neatly conceal appliances. If you feel that your counter looks cluttered because of the toaster, blender, and mixer, then keep them neatly tucked away but within reach with appliance garages. Another idea is to invest in lift-up cabinets that utilize hydraulic hinges to raise small appliances. It is going to be a hot topic at house partiers when you can raise your stand mixers or coffee makers, up to countertop level when needed, and then lower them back down when not in use.

Clever organization with island remodeling

If you have enough space, go for a kitchen island remodel. Consult with your contractor and explore the options for island kitchen cabinetry in San Diego. This way, you get additional storage opportunities and get built-in cabinets, drawers, and even wine racks.
The kitchen island is not just a gathering spot, plan clever use of the vertical space and make it a hub for organizing your kitchen essentials

With the additional storage, you can organize everything in its rightful place, effortlessly locate your favorite spice or even wine bottles, and at the same time enjoy a clutter-free countertop.


A cluttered and disorganized kitchen can impact your quality of life in many ways. Get rid of the frustration or hassle of throwing unused and expired items with a clever kitchen remodel. For a well-structured and efficient space, implement the clever storage solutions, shared in this post.

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